Even the best products needs care and thats our job.
We take care even of projects build by another companies not having time to maintain them.

In Yeme we want groceries fresh and of high quality. We appreciate every customer and colleague, therefor everythig we do begins and ends with people. We are creating shop, where customers can find not only his favorite products, but also new groceries produced in homely and fair way from natural raw materials. As bonus we provide information abaut origin and safety of used materials.
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Kunsthalle Bratislava

The mission of Slovenské centrum vizuálnych umení and Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava is to map, scientificaly process and make visual art available to home and international public.
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Multimedia webportal brings online entertainment for already many years.
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With people from HalfPixel we always found best solution, for clients and for us.

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