after long waiting we got new toy

Drupal8 is online

our motto is

Mobile first

we are creating goodies like this

Most beautiful things

we do for our clients

Students, graduates, and people
with many years of experience.
Together in one team.
Creative and committed.

Hard-working enough to convince the client of our creativity.
Sometimes it's not a short process or an easy one.
But the end result is worth it.
We have years of work behind us, and the results to prove our commitment.

Our main job is development of web and mobile applications in open source enviromnt especialy in Drupal and Wordpress system.

Modules and personalized functions, programming, testing and scaling of project are important part of our solutions.

Online strategy and marketing. Internet advertisment, PPC, SEO/SEM analyses, copywriting.
We can do all of it and more.


In Yeme we want groceries fresh and of high quality. We appreciate every customer and colleague, therefor everythig we do begins and ends with people. We are creating shop, where customers can find not only his favorite products, but also new groceries produced in homely and fair way from natural raw materials. As bonus we provide information abaut origin and safety of used materials.
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Why Drupal Developers Make x10 More than WordPress Developers

Ever wondered why people are happy to pay twice, five times and even ten times more for the same product? It’s a known fact that Drupal sites are about ten times more expensive than WordPress sites. So, even if it takes 5 times longer to build it with Drupal, Drupal developers get to bank a lot more in the end. Let’s see why this happens and how you can get a piece of the action.
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Official website of city district Bratislava-Vajnory.Responsive version offers regulational agenda of open bureau, agreements, invoices, contacts for each of departments and statistics of participation and voting of deputies.
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New web HalfPixel on new domen

With great joy we can announce new and better Half Pixel studio web.    
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DrupalCon 2015 Viedeň

This weakend, from Friday 11-27 until Saturday 11-28, we were on DrupalCon in Vienna. It`s purpouse is to share knowledge an create friendships in Drupal community worldwide. In course of two days of lectures we learned lot interesting. This year the main theme was new version of Drupal, in fact the eighth, whitch stabil vesrion got currently official release and is prepared for using. This brings in many changes and adjustments and as far as I can judge all are for better. Meny of modules created for Drupal 7 are not yet prepared for new version, but many functions are implemented in core. I`m already looking forward to build new sites in this system. For me personaly most useful were lectures about multilingual support in new system - in original Drupal 77 was always pain to create multilingual site. Besidees native support of multilinguality Drupal 8 simplyfies tranlation updates and enables to "translate" into english - changing oroginal names and desriptions. We returned to the Bratislava at suterdays evening full of materials to contemplate.
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Working with ads

Do you sometimes want to write somting explosive, new, surprising and funny, but coudnt`t find any inspiration? I was convinced, that after sad weeken in middle of November with terrorist attacks in Paris, this one will be full of optimism, news and inovations. Probably somewhere it was, but it was well hidden.
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Drupal 8 is released

Thursday 19.11.2015 was memorable for many reasons. Besides birthsday of father of Drupa - Dries Buytaert, this day was appointed for release of new version of Drupal - version 8.
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Pozdrav do neba

Internetportal dedicated to your late loved ones and their memories.
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Unbelievable how much work it takes to create own webpage

It`s unbelievable how much work it takes to create own webpage. It`s like climbing high mountain. We spent months working on webs for our clients with little time left for our own web.
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Živé knihy

Books speaking by voices of readers.
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Ján Ďurovčík

Profile website of top slovak director and choreographer Ján Ďurovčík.
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ToTo Štúdio

Profile website of our fiend graphic designer Majka Rojko.
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Peter Pokrivčák's picture

Peter Pokrivčák


Asi by som mohol robiť aj niečo iné. Ale internet ma opantal a už nepustil.

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Ondrej Fekete's picture

Ondrej Fekete

Backend Developer

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Matúš Fekete's picture

Matúš Fekete

Backend Developer

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Martin Malina's picture

Martin Malina


Vyštudovaný vývojár. Srdcom grafický dizajnér. Zakladateľ portálu Výherca Kross Design Award.

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Rastislav Laco's picture

Rastislav Laco

FrontEnd Developer

Som mladý, večne usmiaty človek, pre ktorého je práca zároveň koníčkom. Mám rád korčulovanie, badminton a plávanie. Sú dve veci, ktorým nedokážem odolať: pekné ženy a dobré jedlo.

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Marin Sekereš's picture

Marin Sekereš

Mobile development

Programuje všetko a vo všetkých jazykoch. Zbiera Toyoty a miluje svoje deti.

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Max Cebecauer's picture

Max Cebecauer

PPC, online marketing

Chemik, polygraf. Dnes sa venuje interaktívnej polygrafii na internete, reklame na internete a všetkým možným druhom analýz. 

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What about's picture

What about


New developers wanted!

Ak máte záujem o prácu, kontaktujte nás.

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