Midjourney Prompty ktoré vás prekvapia výsledkom

Realistické jedlo

STYLE: Close-up shot | GENRE: Gourmet | EMOTION: Tempting | SCENE: A plate of freshly grilled fish and chips with seasoning and garnish | TAGS: High-end food photography, clean composition, dramatic lighting, luxurious, elegant, mouth-watering, indulgent, gourmet | CAMERA: Nikon Z7 | FOCAL LENGTH: 105mm | SHOT TYPE: Close-up | COMPOSITION: Centered | LIGHTING: Soft, directional | PRODUCTION: Food Stylist| TIME: Evening --ar 16:8


PRESENTATION: Macro Lens | CUISINE TYPE: Upscale | AMBIENCE: Alluring | VISUALS: Desert serving of Pavlova | ATTRIBUTES: Upscale gastronomy imagery, seamless arrangement, intense yet elegant spotlight, sumptuous, refined, irresistible, lavish, gourmet | TOOL: Nikon Z7 | LENS DETAIL: 105mm | SHOT PERSPECTIVE: Close Proximity | ALIGNMENT: Equilibrium in focus | ILLUMINATION CHARACTERISTICS: Subtle, with a single point of origin | BEHIND THE SCENES: Gourmet Arrangement Specialist | PHOTO SESSION TIMING: Twilight --ar 16:8



A candid shot of young best friends dirty, at the skatepark, natural afternoon light, Canon EOS R5, 100mm, F 1.2 aperture setting capturing a moment, cinematic --ar 2:1


A photograph of a lady engaged in an intense workout with a modern, well-equipped gym as the background context, during the morning with bright, natural lighting and shot with a telephoto lens, shot with a Canon EOS R5, using the Canon EF 70-200mm lens. --ar 2:1 --v 5.1 --s 200


anime tattoo bright ink on young woman, 105mm, lumix GH5 --ar 2:1 --s 200 --c 80



professional photograph of a high end scotch whiskey presented on the table, eye level, warm cinematic, Sony A7 105mm, close-up, centred shot --ar 2:1


freshly made hot cappuccino on glass table, angled top down, midday warm, Nikon D850 105mm, close-up, centred shot --ar 2:1